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E B White Treasury Boxed Set E.B. White

E B White Treasury Boxed Set

E.B. White

ISBN : 9780590689533
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 About the Book 

American essayist and novelist E.B. White (1899-1985) made his childrens book debut in 1945 with Stuart Little, the picaresque, very funny adventure story of a two-inch-creature who, in Whites words, looks very much like a mouse, but who obviously is not a mouse [but a second son]. After the story passed the test of his nieces and nephews, Stuart Little made it onto the desk of Harpers distinguished editor Ursula Nordstrom who, in a stroke of genius, matched Whites work up with the whimsical art of illustrator Garth Williams. White and Williamss second novel, Charlottes Web, stars a young girl Fern who saves the life of the runty 13th pig in a litter. Lyrical and profound, its one of the few books for children that tackles death head-on--while celebrating friendship, affection, and the ordinary passing of time. Whites last book for children, The Trumpet of the Swan, illustrated by Edward Francino, was published almost 20 years after Charlottes Web, and is the unlikely tale of Louis, a mute trumpeter swan named for Louis Armstrong. He compensates for his muteness--and tries to gain the affection of the beautiful swan Serena--by becoming a virtuoso player of a real trumpet. Here, paperback editions of Whites three beloved classics are packaged in one boxed set--a time-tested trio guaranteed to win the hearts of children. (Ages 9 and older)