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3 Tales From the Grand Old Game Austin Gisriel

3 Tales From the Grand Old Game

Austin Gisriel

Published November 14th 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

3 Tales From the Grand Old Game is a trio of short stories that will be enjoyed by fans both old and young. I Love it Here in Indiana! (5,700 words) demonstrates the lengths to which three friends will go in order to fulfill the final request of their baseball Yoda, Max McGowan. They have promised to scatter his ashes on the diamond where Max managed decades ago, but tracking down the correct field--and keeping track of the urn that contains Max--is not as easy as it seems. [Includes a link to a video on the person who is the inspiration for the character of Max.] Spot On (6,800 words) examines the desperation and self-doubt that arises in Trent Tyler when he suddenly and for no apparent reason, develops an inability throw a baseball accurately. Trent struggles to overcome this throwing slump, but he knows that his problem is much deeper than a mere slump. Willing to fake an injury to explain his rash of errors, the third baseman discovers that he needs help and not from a coach, either. A Baseball Fans Fairy Tale is just that. Weve all dreamed of owning a big league team- long-suffering Oriole fan Larry Koobish, along with a million friends finds a way to make it happen.